In 2004, Jimmy Adriaenssens, (aged 16 back then) , started his career in Belgian motorsports. Ever since he was little, you could find him on Belgian, French, Dutch, German and English racetracks encouraging and helping his father. His father, Herman, has been racing since the early ’90s and of course he caused Jimmy’s endless interest in motorsports. During the past years, Jimmy has been competing in various racing cars in the Belgian Touring Car Series, Supercar Challenge, Britcar, BRCC, Ford Fiesta UK,… Over time he has collected over 80 podiums, all thanks to his sponsors, parents, fans and especially thanks to the great Spork Racing Team. Aside from his professional racing career, Jimmy shares his passion and knowledge in coaching sessions, even providing a racing car if necessary. If you’re looking for more confidence whilst racing, trying to setup your car or just want to sharpen your racing skills, do not hesitatie to contact Jimmy. You can also visit the coaching page for more info.

A great part of Jimmy’s youth existed in watching his father build racecars from scratch, helping wherever he could and witnessing the endless possibilities a technical environment has to offer. Growing up in such a limitless world, Jimmy’s interest in technology and engineering got stirred and inevitably he chose for a professional engineering career as well. He graduated as an Engineer in Industrial Sciences and Technology in 2010 (Master degree). More info about his engineering career is to be found here.