Adriaenssens-Nye reunited and on the podium in Slovakia – ENG/NL

Slovakiaring, SK! No doubt one of the farrest and yet one of the most memorable events of the Supercar Challenge. The debuting Superlight division, racing under a blue sky with temperatures around 27°C and the young character of the Slovakiaring were the ingredients for a great racing weekend. The Spork Racing Team checked in on Thursday with one of their legendary Seat Supercopas. Car nr. 423 of Jimmy Adriaenssens – David Nye would this time defend the colors of Spork on its own and proved to be a heavy competitor in the qualifying sessions.

“After having fitted new tires and brakes, I launched myself in the third lap of the qualifying session  and clocked pole amongst the Seats and second in Supersport. After a short pitstop to readjust the tire pressure I went out for a second fast lap and secured the same results for the second race. Eventually we would start from P1 in Supercopa and P5 overall.” Shares Jimmy Adriaenssens. After Jimmy’s stint, David went out and tried the car so that Spork could start the first race with a satisfied feeling!

The start of the first race was taken by our young Belgian driver, who would afterwards handed the wheel back to his English co. After a tight first stint David received the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa and it seemed there was something wrong with the car. “For an unknown reason the car lost power and we had to cope with a speed difference of 30 kph at the end of the first straight. Anyway, we still succeeded in securing the second place in Supercopa and scored important points.” David Nye.

After the first race, the team started their quest to the power loss and afterwards the car was in great shape for Sunday. David took the start and the issues from Saturday were clearly solved. David clocked the fastest laptime of the Supercopas each lap and started creating a gap between him and the second Seat of the Monster brothers. “After about ten minutes of racing I was in third position overall and first of the Seats. The car feld  great and had clearly evolved since 2012. It was good fun to fight with equal weapons and I enjoyed fighting with Ferry Monster. Unfortunately halfway the race, destiny stroke and a short circuit or another electrical problem in the gearbox ended the fun. The car jumped out of fifth gear and wouldn’t apply sixth gear” mentions David Nye. David returned to the pits in a virtual first position overall and the mechanics examined the gearbox. Meanwhile Jimmy had taken place in the car and rejoined the track. The problem seemed to be solved but after half a lap, it occurred again. “I had to pull over and reset the car. Team chief Herman asked me to try a few things over the intercom, hoping to get around the problem but it wouldn’t help. I was forced to finish the race in fourth gear. About five minutes from the end, a red flag was shown due to an accident in the artificial chicane at the end of sector one and the race was finished. We tried to make the best out of it but unfortunately we had to give up our first place and ended third. Reviewing the weekend, we’re now officially third in the Seat championship.” explains Jimmy Adriaenssens.

With still 12 races on the menu and the proof that an overal win is possible, the Spork Racing Team will not lose its courage! In Spa they’ll return with a new gearbox and more combativeness as ever before.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

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