Adriaenssens-Nye again vice-champion in Seat after horrifying weekend – Finale Races Assen – ENG/NL

October 19th – 20th, the final raceweekend of the Supercar Challenge 2013. With a clear advance on the third Supercopa in the Seat championship, Jimmy Adriaenssens and David Nye joined their forces for the last raceweekend of 2013. Spork Racing, represented by their white and red Seat Leon Supercopa # 423 was looking forward to the last meeting.

Saturday morning, 10.30 am, all the Supersport cars commenced their qualifying session. Jimmy Adriaenssens would fulfill the first fifteen minutes, were it not that destiny strook. Earlier this year on the TT circuit of Assen, Jimmy already had to receive a twenty kilo
driveshaft through his windscreen, but that clearly wasn’t enough for Murphy… “It was a cold morning, so we had to make sure warming up the car over at least two laps. After my third wall pass the car felt great and I went for my first fast lap. Everything went smoothly until I arrived at the Ruskenhoek-corner, the back of the car oversteered sudden and aggressively and at 150 kph, the front axle couldn’t deliver enough power to get the nose of the car back in the right direction. The car gripped on the wrong moment and launched itself towards the guard rails. A serious impact followed and the car was unrepairably damaged for the weekend.” mentioned a defeated Jimmy Adriaenssens. Immediately after the impact Jimmy complained about pain in the lower back and
stomach. He was transported to the hospital where they determined three spinal fractures. It wasn’t before Tuesday afternoon when Jimmy could leave the hospital with a corset to stabilize his back.

“After having raced for nine years in European car racing, this is by far the worst crash I’ve ever experienced or even seen. I can almost count all the serious incidents I’ve been part of in these nine years on one hand. Therefore this doesn’t demotivate me to rejoin the sport in 2014. Car racing is a part of my life and you just can’t put that aside. The satisfaction I’ve had in this magnificent sport is just unexplainable. Also the various ‘get wel soon’s from my fans, friends, family, colleague drivers / -teams,… are such a great motivation to get back on the horse in 2014!” Jimmy Adriaenssens.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Press release ENG – Final Races Assen (Adriaenssens-Nye again vice-champion in Seat after horrifying weekend)

Persbericht NL – Finale Races Assen (Adriaenssens-Nye opnieuw vice-kampioen in Seat na horrorweekend)

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Adriaenssens, fastest Belgian, has his best weekend in Supercar Challenge history – Racing Festival Spa – ENG/NL

During the weekend of September 28th-29th, the Supercar Challenge drove its one to last race meeting on Belgian soil. Jimmy Adriaenssens signed up at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps with his white and red Seat Super’SPORK’copa, #423. Motivated as always, he was very much looking forward to the sessions and was keen on scoring good points in his homeland.

Jimmy Adriaenssens “Around 12.45h the light turned green for qualifying, shod on new rubber, I joined the track to attempt achieving pole position like the previous race in Spa. My first fast lap immediately put my car on pole. Starting the second lap, an obviously exhausted part in my driveshaft left front, gave up. I had to return to the pits on only one driveshaft without having set a good laptime for the second race. The mechanics immediately started the repair and on only a few inches from a 300°C brake disc they changed the driveshaft. Unfortunately they only had about ten minutes to get the car running again, and seen six bolts of the driveshaft were very difficult to reach, the car was ready when qualifying ended. The mechanics worked extremely fast but the qualifying session was just too short.” Eventually we had pole position for the first race and starting from P5 in the second.

The first race was a feast for the eyes. The white and red Spanish bull got off the line quickly and immediately ran top 3 in the general touring car classification. “I, indeed, got off the line quickly and could improve one or two positions in the first lap. Running as second touring car, I felt the other Supersport cars breathing down my neck. Only Bas Schouten (BMW 1 serie M) and Ferry Monster (Seat Supercopa) got past, but didn’t quite get away. I followed them closely throughout the whole first stint. During the mandatory pitstop I could profit Bas’ penalty seconds and rejoined the track in second position right behind Robin Monster. I tried a few attacks to get closer and aside but seen both of our Supercopa’s are quite similar at Spa, I couldn’t get past. When I asked the team about the status of P3, P4 and so on behind me, the team informed me that they all were a second or more slower, so me and Robin could smoothly take off. A great privilege of course and so I finished second in Supersport and also second in Seat Supercopa!”

Starting from P5 amongst the Seats and around tenth in Supersport, Adriaenssens was looking forward to the second race. Already in the first lap he reserved himself a spot in the top 5. Ranked fourth in Supersport and second Seat Supercopa, he passed start-finish after the first lap. At least six cars, dropped back one place in the rankings in the first lap. “What a great feeling to overtake that much cars in the first lap. Even Porsches GT3 had to accept looking to the trunk of my front wheel driven touring car. In fourth position I entered the pitlane for the mandatory pitstop, and while we were at it, some slick tyres…” Seen the wet starting conditions, most of the cars were shod on rain tyres but after having driven half an hour, the track had dried up. Without even having lost only one second in the mandatory seventy pitstop seconds, the Supercopa rejoined the Belgian track in fourth position. “Suddenly the team passed me the message that the leading Seat had to make an additional pitstop for a flat tyre. An incident of which I had to make my profit. It was a very intense end of the second race, because the other Seat exited the pits not far behind me. I pushed my luck and won the race with a six second advance on the other Seat with an additional third place in Supersport! Each team member congratulated me over the radio, but one thing is for sure: I couldn’t have done it without them. So hereby a big round of applause for this great team: THANK YOU!!!!”

With these results the Spork Racing Team was the fastest Belgian team in the whole Supercar Challenge in race 1. In the second race, they were the fastest Belgian team in Supersport. A memorable weekend it was… The Spork Racing Team is keen on giving this weekend a successful sequel in Assen, three weeks from now. The Final Races at TT Assen will be the last race meeting of the Supercar Challenge 2013.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht (NL) – Racing Festival Spa-Francorchamps (Adriaenssens, snelste belg, beleeft topweekend op eigen bodem)

Press release (ENG) – Racing Festival Spa-Francorchamps (Adriaenssens, fastest Belgian in Spa, has his best weekend in Supercar Challenge history)

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Cullum-Cullum-Adriaenssens just miss the podium in Silverstone – Britcar Silverstone 1000k – ENG/NL

After several foreign raceweekends, the Spork Racing Team travelled to the UK. During the Britcar Silverstone 1000k, they competed with their well-known golden Seat Supercopa ‘Goldie’ in the six hours race. Team Cullum, existing in Rob and Jon Cullum, would guide the car to the finish, assisted by Jimmy Adriaenssens, who didn’t say no to a stint on this beautiful English Grand Prix circuit.

Rob Cullum “The Britcar Silverstone 1000k 2013 was the first race event that me and my brother would compete in. Obviously every second of tracktime was welcome and with several practice sessions, warm-ups and qualifyings on Saturday and Sunday, we found our rhythm again. The car felt great, although I had to get used to the oversteered nature of the car. It wasn’t slower, but it had to be driven in a way I wasn’t quite used to.” One moment Rob risked to lose his confidence when he had to drift through Copse in opposite-lock but after the warm-up Sunday morning he was clearly ready to start the race.

Jimmy Adriaenssens would only do one stint out of five, but was very much looking forward to his ‘Moment of Glory’ on this new track. “After the brothers Cullum both had done their stint, I took my place in the rather striking Supercopa of the Spork Racing Team. Although the track was completely new to me, a few virtual training sessions and some tracktime the day before were enough to get me going. We had worked on the setup of the car on Saturday, so we all had a good feeling in the race. Unfortunately after about twenty minutes of racing, I had to return to the pits because a bolt of the suspension on the rear left side got loose. Luckily the repair didn’t take long but in the interest of the team we decided to have Rob taking over although my stint wasn’t finished. This way we wouldn’t have to do an additional pitstop and still make a chance to end up on the podium. Pity for me, but sometimes you need to take a bullet for the team.” The car got refueled and rejoined the track, driven by Rob Cullum.

About ninety minutes before the end, Jon Cullum took over from his brother. He was looking forward to his prolonged stint and with some quick tips and tricks from BTCC driver David Nye, Jon joined track. “David suggested me to try and drive the car more by the throttle and the brake. I had to benefit its oversteered nature to corner smooth, but fast. Initially a difficult task, especially if it’s your first actual race weekend in a year, but lap by lap I improved. The most important thing to know is how the car reacts, if you only miss once, you could end up hitting a wall and of course that… we wanted to avoid!”

After the six hours attrition, the English-Belgian team got classified fourth in class 2. A result that motivated them to compete in the UK more often. Meanwhile the Spork Racing Team is busy preparing their other Seat Supercopa for the upcoming Supercar Challenge event. September 28th and 29th the one to last race weekend of the European championship is held at Spa-Francorchamps. Free entrance, so be there!

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht (NL) – Britcar Silverstone 1000k Review (Cullum-Adriaenssens landen nipt naast het podium in Silverstone)

Press release (ENG) – Britcar Silverstone 1000k Review (Cullum-Cullum-Adriaenssens just miss the podium in Silverstone)

Adriaenssens reinforcing Team Cullum in Britcar Silverstone 1000km with… #GOLDIE !!! – ENG

September is being a busy month for Adriaenssens and the Spork Racing Team. No less than three racemeetings will be run. Two in the European Supercar Challenge and one in the UK Britcar Championship. Adriaenssens will reinforce Team Cullum, existing in Rob Cullum and Jon Cullum who’ll race the golden Seat Supercopa, aka. #Goldie to the finish at Silverstone September 21-22nd.

Last year Rob and Jon Cullum competed in Snetterton during a Britcar Production Cup event with the Spork racing Team. They achieved a podium, so the motivation to recompete in 2013 was huge. The race will be a six hour race or 1000km, which ever is reached first by the fastest car. It will be #Goldie’s first race event after numerous tests and trackdays. The car has been purchased in Germany, refreshed and modified to fit the Britcar regulations and of course updated for being competitive in the championship. As well the team as the drivers are very much looking forward to the event and are keen achieving great results on the island of motorsport!

Adriaenssens-Nye enlarge their advance at the Dutch coast – Trophy of the Dunes Zandvoort – ENG/NL

Round eleven and twelve of the European Supercar Challenge took place on the Dutch racetrack of Zandvoort. The Trophy of the Dunes promised to be another spectacular event in which the Supercar Challenge took place. Spork, racing this track for the second time in Supercar, were very much looking forward to the weekend. Represented by Jimmy Adriaenssens and Britisch Touring Car driver David Nye, the team was keen on creating a gap between themselves and the other competitors in the championship standings. 

Due to the success of the Supercar Challenge, the entry list of the SuperGT, GT, GTB and Supersport divisions was well crowded. No less than 35 competitors took part in these four divisions, so it would become quite a difficult task to qualify for the races on this rather narrow track. Having qualified second and third in Supercopa, the team was living towards the first race at ease.

Jimmy Adriaenssens: “David and I decided that I’d take the start of the first race. Due to the well filled grid, it was a matter of getting on the throttle early in the rolling start. My pursuers didn’t seem quite awake and they lost about hundred meters in the first straight. Unfortunately a crash in the leading group justified their mistake of starting bad and they could reconnect to the pack. Bits and pieces flying through the air, but luckily not one flying driveshaft.” Once through the first lap, the speed finally got into the cars because in the first lap lots of Supersport cars had to queue behind the GT cars. A comical view that indicates the competiveness of the Touring Cars nowadays.“After a tight stint of Jimmy, I took the wheel and launched myself for the second part of the race. In my mirror, the Supercopa of Jonas DK appeared and I thought: ‘Great! Always in for a battle!’ About four laps, the white and blue Seat tried to pass me and even tapped me in the back. Not intentionally and without further damage. It seemed that the attack was to aggressive and had ruined his tires, meaning that I could take off at ease without having to take any risks.” David Nye. David easily continued his race and enlarged his advance by even complete seconds each lap. Adriaenssens-Nye became second in Supercopa and scored good points for the championship!

David, who was clearly looking forward to the start of the second race, also had a great start and was about to prepare the Supercopa in front of him until he sensed something strange on the car. “After half a lap I sensed serious vibrations on a rear wheel. We decided to do another lap, hoping it was just a rather large amount of pick-up hanging on the surface of the tire but when I entered a fast straight, the car almost shook to pieces. Never have I experienced such vibrations in a car. I decided to loosen my pace a bit, not to damage anything and postpone my attack on the Supercopa of Jonas.” As David reduced his pace, a BMW M3 WTCC came aside in the braking zone before the Nissan-corner. The BMW overtook him and was about to overtake Jonas DK, but he didn’t grant him one inch of space and unfortunately contact was unavoidable. Both the Seat as the BMW were damaged and couldn’t fulfill their race. “While the team and I were waiting for the first wall pass, we didn’t know anything about the horror that had passed David’s eyes. Almost immediately we were approached quite aggressively by the Seat driver, being shouted at that it wasn’t sportsmanlike that David crashed into the other Supercopa. We were very surprised, especially because David didn’t mention anything about the incident over the radio. We tried to get in touch with David over the radio, but he was clearly having a hard time coping with the vibrations in his car. During his pitstop he explained what had really happened and we were relieved not to have taken part in the accident. Spork is a very sportmanslike, optimistic team with a lot of respect for each competitor, so of course we were surprised to be accused of such facts!” After a shot but decisive pitstop David rejoined the track. Eventually the vibrations were caused by dirt and pick-up inside the rim, one chance out of one hundred to suffer such simple problem but unfortunately we had it. David rejoined the track with a ‘vibration-free’ car and finished his stint. After about half an hour, Jimmy and David switched places and Adriaenssens got out. “The car felt great and I could push immediately. There still was a slight chance on a podium, so I grabbed it. Seen that the SuperGT’s and Supersport cars share sessions, it always is a matter of being passed without losing too much time. To avoid any problems during such a pass, I went off my line and the car drifted into the sand with two wheels at 210 kph in a braking zone. Meanwhile the Ferrari lined up next to me and I was out of options, result: sideways into the dirt. In opposite-lock I tried to get my nose back into the right direction and luckily I didn’t get stuck in the dirt. A pitstop after such an ‘exit’ is mandatory for cleaning the car, so again our chances on winning went out of reach.” Eventually two other Seats also got into trouble, which made Adriaenssens-Nye become third in Supercopa in race two.

Seen that the race on Sunday was spectacular in each aspect, the Spork Racing Team hopes to have a more regular course of events during the last four rounds of the Supercar Challenge. Adriaenssens-Nye are now 21 points in front of the third Seat and get a little bit of space. Nevertheless with still two races at Spa and two races at Assen, they’ll fight hard for the championship! Meanwhile the team is concentrating on the Britcar Silverstone 1000km, 20-22ndof September, before they arrive in Spa only one week after. September is pretty busy month for the team, seen they compete in three raceweekends.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht NL – Trophy of the Dunes Zandvoort (Adriaenssens-Nye bouwen voorsprong uit aan de Nederlandse kust)

Press release ENG – Trophy of the Dunes Zandvoort (Adriaenssens-Nye enlarge their advance at the Dutch coast)

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Adriaenssens scores hundredth podium during spectaculair weekend – Gamma Racing Day Assen – ENG/NL

Gamma Racing Day TT Assen 2013, a wordy motorsport event that guarantees action for everyone! Roaring GT’s and Touring Cars, Superbikes, Sidecars, Superkarts,… are all part of the action, so the 80.000 spectators were right to join this event from the first moment on and didn’t regret their presence just once during the entire weekend! The Spork Racing Team, respresented by Seat Supercopa #423 would defend its colors with Jimmy Adriaenssens and Jeroen Dik.

The qualifying was about to be something special. Due to a broken driveshaft in the first free practice, Jimmy needed to qualify without even having done one lap in Assen since 2012. Thanks to the fast and thorough repair by the team, the car was ready to concur the Dutch track again. Because Jimmy’s first laps on the track would immediately be in qualifying, he couldn’t adjust the car to the track and had to copy the exact settings of the last race in Assen 2012. Not ideal, but doable. “From the first moment on, the car felt very oversteered. The slightest movement of the steering wheel loosened the back of the car. I have to say that I love driving an oversteered setup, but after having taken 70% of the Ruskenhoek corner in opposite-lock with one wheel off the track, I knew it would become difficult to clock tight laptimes.” mentioned Adriaenssens who was quite frankly impressed by the aggressive character of the car. After about two laps, Supercopa #423 clocked P2 amongst the Seats for the first race and pole position for the second. After the qualifying session it appeared that all the drivers had to cope with massive oversteer which eventually was caused by the protective white sand on the track. The white sand was in fact a souvenir from the Truck GP several days ago. Then, the sand was spread to protect the tracksurface from being wrecked by the trucks.

 To summarize the first race in one word? ‘Terrifying’! “The race was almost halfway when I spotted a broken driveshaft on the ideal line, about hundred meters before the Ramshoek-corner. In that moment I was being overtaken by a Porsche BiTurbo, who’d clearly didn’t see the shaft and ran right over it. One chance in a hundred that the shaft would be thrown up in my direction but I had it! At 220 kilometers per hour, the shaft launched itself into my headlight, punctured the bottom of my windscreen and my dashboard to finally hit a third time into the top of the windscreen. I was considered very lucky, because if the driveshaft would have been thrown in the air staticly it would have completely penetrated the car with a more tragic end…” told a bewildered Jimmy Adriaenssens. Soon after the incident Jimmy realized there was nothing the team could do to help him, so he closed his visor to protect his eyes from the glass and dust and continued the race. Unfortunately a manufacturing defect caused one of his driveshafts to fail too and kept Adriaenssens from winning.

After the accumulation of emotions and quite special events, the team didn’t lose its faith! Team manager Herman and chief mechanic Ronny returned to Belgium to the Spork Racing workshop Saturday night and collected a new windscreen and driveshaft. Around 5 am in the morning they arrived in Assen again, took some sort of powernap and started working on the car. Sunday late afternoon, the white red Supercopa appeared on the grid, ready for the second race. After an almost incident free race Spork finished second amongst the Supercopas and seventh in Supersport with only two thousands of a second before P8. A so called photo finish, which actually required a photo to determine the positions.

“I’d like to thank the Spork Racing Team for their great efforts this weekend, faith kept me from collecting my hundredth podium twice so this Sunday at Assen will be memorable forever! I’d like to thank the other drivers as well for their compassion after the horrific driveshaft-incident in the first race. The solidarity amongst the Supercar Challenge drivers can be close, so as I’m saying: thanks to everyone!!”

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht NL – Gamma Racing Day Assen Review (Adriaenssens haalt honderdste podium tijdens spectaculair weekend)

Press release ENG – Gamma Racing Day Assen (Adriaenssens scores hundredth podium during spectacular weekend)

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Home circuit offers little success to Adriaenssens during the Superstars@Zolder – ENG/NL

Superstars @ Zolder, a beautiful race weekend in which even ex Formula 1 drivers signed on. Also the Supercar Challenge was present with its three classes of racing: Super GT, Supersport and Superlight. The Spork Racing Team took part in Supersport with her two Seat Leon Supercopa’s, driven by Jimmy Adriaenssens (#423) and De Kimpe-Van Paemel (#425). After a succesfull weekend in Spa, the Antwerpian team was thoroughly motivated to score good points in Zolder.

The first race on Saturday was run in sunny conditions. Around 1.00 pm, the Sport classes took off for fifty minutes of racing. Starting from P8, Jimmy Adriaenssens could immediately mix into the leading group. “The level of the drivers around me was high, if you only opened one inch, you’d lose a position. Great racing, that’s for sure but I had to be as fast as I could in the first stint, seen that I had ten penalty seconds due to our successes in Spa.” Everyone who ends up on the podium in Supersport will collect fifteen, ten or five extra penalty seconds for the pit window. Seen that Jimmy ended third twice in Spa, he received ten penalty seconds. “It was obvious that I had to attack already very early in the race, to insure that I wouldn’t rejoin the track after the pitstop behind the other Supercopa’s. Overtaking them could cost me seconds and because we also aim high in Supersport, we couldn’t bare losing time.” After a tight and well calculated pitstop Spork released the white and red Supercopa on the exact right moment. Adriaenssens rejoined the track in sixth position overall, second in Supercopa. “During the second stint I received information that the BMW E92 M3 was approaching slowly. If I could keep the same pace, he would finish right behind with a one or two second gap. I immediately had that déjà-vu feeling from Spa, where the race also lasted one lap too long. One or two seconds in a fifty minutes race is nothing so we had to push constantly.” Lap per lap the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa used each inch of the track and this time the luck was on Jimmy’s side. Both the fourth as the fifth car had to give in to the young Belgian and he ended fourth in general, second in Supercopa on exactly one minute of the leader. A satisfying position for a track that’s actually made for rear wheel driven cars.

During the Sunday race, neither the weather nor the results were great. Late afternoon, twenty-nine drivers launched their cars into the first corner and where about to fight their fifty minute battle. “I got away quickly in the first few laps and didn’t lose much time to the leaders. While I was putting the Riwal Seat under pressure, I was put under pressure myself by the BMW E92 M3 of the duo Meijers/Meijers. In an attempt to defend my position we lost the connection with the Riwal Seat and my only concern became defending my position. This worked out properly until a dirty spot on the track surprised us and I spun.” Adriaenssens had to sacrifice a few positions but rejoined the pack and went looking for its competitors. In the ninth lap, the unthinkable happened. “We started overtaking the lower class drivers and whilst exiting the Bianchi corner, Kim Troeijen appeared. When Kim entered the chicane, I noticed some instability and left nothing to chance. I chose the right side of the curbstones, in an attempt to avoid hitting Kim if she totally lost control. Unfortunately she did, and the green Focus shot itself into my lane. The speed difference was too big and a collision was unavoidable. On the camera footage you can clearly see that my attempt to dodge her and the actual impact was a matter of milliseconds. Obviously not enough to reduce speed and decrease the impact. The speed difference should have been around 40 kph, quite a hit, I can assure you…” Luckily the Supercopa stopped right in front of the guardrails. The loose sand worked properly and decreased the speed of the car brilliantly. “From 100 kph to 0 in only 15 meters is quite a performance. For sure a word of thanks to Circuit Zolder and the marshalls for their concerns after the crash!! Thanks!!” This incident meant the end of the race for Adriaenssens and leaded to mixed feelings. Anyway, in the meantime the car has been rebuilt and ready to race in Assen (August 2nd – 4th, Gamma Racing Day). Soon a short test session will have to guarantee the good condition of the car.

Soon the Supercar Challenge will take part in the Gamma Racing Day at TT Assen. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August this spectacular championship will be racing in front of 60.000 spectators. An international weekend you shouldn’t miss, be there!!

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht NL – Superstars @ Zolder Review (Limburgs asfalt biedt Adriaenssens matig succes)

Press release ENG – Superstars @ Zolder Review (Home circuit offers little success to Adriaenssens)

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Four podiums for Adriaenssens in Spa – ENG/NL

The Spa Euro Race, an event to which all the Belgians and especially the Spork Racing Team were looking forward too. A race on the world’s most beautiful racetrack that became one never to forget for the race team of Antwerp. Both the cars of the team were present and would be driven by Jimmy Adriaenssens (#423) on the one hand and Jonas De Kimpe/Vincent Van Paemel (#425) on the other. As well the drivers as their cars were in great shape for the weekend.

“In free practice already I found my Spa-rhythm, I hadn’t been out in Spa since 2012 so we had to adapt again to the higher speeds. When the qualifying started, it was clear that it wouldn’t be easy to find a free lap. With more than fifty cars out on the track there could be a chance that I wouldn’t even find a free lap at all. I increased the pace immediately and overtook a few car. After three laps I seemed to have found a free gap and launched myself. The timer noted 2.36.135, the fastest laptime ever driven within the Spork Racing Team.” explains Jimmy Adriaenssens. After a short pitstop to reset the tire pressure, the white and red Spanish bull rejoined the track for another fast lap and clocked 2.35.951. The magical 2.35 was a fact and that in much less than ideal weather conditions (over 25°C) for the two liter turbo engine. Pole position amongst the Seats for both races were ensured and the team was looking forward to the races. In Supersport, Jimmy could start from P4 and P2, as well Spork’s best results in Supercar Challenge history.

The first race was launched under a perfectly blue sky, it was a well-known fact that the temperatures would reach high values “It was a matter of finding a tight rhythm without burning the tires and to control the engine temperature. During the first laps, I ran within the leading group but I felt that the tires woudn’t last this pace. I decided to lower the pace, save the tires so I had some left for a probable fight in the end of the race. Eventually we made a good choice, because after the pitstop we ran in third place with a twenty second gap on the car in fourth position. As the team informed me that the car was approaching I increased the pace to safen the third position and our earlier decision to save the car in the beginning paid off right away.” After sixty minutes and one lap of racing, the chequered flag was shown and the first Supersport podium for Spork became true. “The first place in Supercopa and third in Supersport were the ultimate reward for the Spork Racing Team’s hard work!” continues Adriaenssens.

Considering the weather conditions, the second race was the exact opposite of the first. While on Saturday everybody carried sunscreen in one hand and a sunglasses in the other, on Sunday they were dressed to bare tons of water. During the beginning of the warm-up lap, a car in the right lane stalled. While the left lane was taking off, the right fell behind. “Initially I thought: No worries, we’ll all retrieve our correct starting position during formation. Unfortunately the track marshals started showing the ‘Safety Car’ sign, knowing a Safety Car procedure does not include a formation anymore, we were forced to start from five to ten positions behind. Quite a pity as I qualified second for this race and now had to start from P10 or worse…” explains Adriaenssens. “Once the Safety Car left the track, we had to overtake lots of slower Supersport and GT cars in zero visibility mode thanks to the spray of at least twenty cars in front of us. Only in the last laps of the first stint I finally saw the leaders in Supersport.” After the mandatory pitstop, the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa rejoined the track. With a headstart of only seven seconds on the Riwal-Seat everyone knew that the race was far from decided. “During the second stint I felt that my front axle started losing grip because the rain was stopping. My tire pressure went up, the contact with the surface decreased and smoothly the other Seat came closer.” When both Seats found each other a spectacular fight followed. It was obvious that Jimmy Adriaenssens wasn’t going to give up his first place. He could stop several attacks but after about two laps his competitor found an opening. “I was defending on the inside while the other Seat tried to outbrake me on the outside. He got aside of me and we went through the corner door to door. He carried a bit more speed through the corner and won a nose length which was enough for the following corner. Unfortunately I knew another car was following us, a Lotus 2/11 of a fellow Belgian. Also here I defended hard and at the bus stop chicane it seemed I had won the battle. Hoping for the chequered flag I exited the last corner and… NOTHING! No flag whatsoever while the race was actually over. I tried to maintain second for another lap, but it wasn’t meant to be.” Without the starting grid issues, Jimmy’s result could have been even better. But as racing depends on countless of variables, no one is to blame. Nevertheless Adriaenssens became third in Supersport and second in Seat Supercopa, a result that motivates Spork even more for the Superstars in Zolder soon.

The Spork Racing Team is looking forward to the next challenge, also on Belgian soil within two weeks and has set its mind on the Supersport podium again!

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht – Spa Euro Race Review NL (Viervoudig podium voor Adriaenssens in Spa)

Press release – Spa Euro Race Review ENG (Four podiums for Adriaenssens in Spa)

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Adriaenssens-Nye reunited and on the podium in Slovakia – ENG/NL

Slovakiaring, SK! No doubt one of the farrest and yet one of the most memorable events of the Supercar Challenge. The debuting Superlight division, racing under a blue sky with temperatures around 27°C and the young character of the Slovakiaring were the ingredients for a great racing weekend. The Spork Racing Team checked in on Thursday with one of their legendary Seat Supercopas. Car nr. 423 of Jimmy Adriaenssens – David Nye would this time defend the colors of Spork on its own and proved to be a heavy competitor in the qualifying sessions.

“After having fitted new tires and brakes, I launched myself in the third lap of the qualifying session  and clocked pole amongst the Seats and second in Supersport. After a short pitstop to readjust the tire pressure I went out for a second fast lap and secured the same results for the second race. Eventually we would start from P1 in Supercopa and P5 overall.” Shares Jimmy Adriaenssens. After Jimmy’s stint, David went out and tried the car so that Spork could start the first race with a satisfied feeling!

The start of the first race was taken by our young Belgian driver, who would afterwards handed the wheel back to his English co. After a tight first stint David received the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa and it seemed there was something wrong with the car. “For an unknown reason the car lost power and we had to cope with a speed difference of 30 kph at the end of the first straight. Anyway, we still succeeded in securing the second place in Supercopa and scored important points.” David Nye.

After the first race, the team started their quest to the power loss and afterwards the car was in great shape for Sunday. David took the start and the issues from Saturday were clearly solved. David clocked the fastest laptime of the Supercopas each lap and started creating a gap between him and the second Seat of the Monster brothers. “After about ten minutes of racing I was in third position overall and first of the Seats. The car feld  great and had clearly evolved since 2012. It was good fun to fight with equal weapons and I enjoyed fighting with Ferry Monster. Unfortunately halfway the race, destiny stroke and a short circuit or another electrical problem in the gearbox ended the fun. The car jumped out of fifth gear and wouldn’t apply sixth gear” mentions David Nye. David returned to the pits in a virtual first position overall and the mechanics examined the gearbox. Meanwhile Jimmy had taken place in the car and rejoined the track. The problem seemed to be solved but after half a lap, it occurred again. “I had to pull over and reset the car. Team chief Herman asked me to try a few things over the intercom, hoping to get around the problem but it wouldn’t help. I was forced to finish the race in fourth gear. About five minutes from the end, a red flag was shown due to an accident in the artificial chicane at the end of sector one and the race was finished. We tried to make the best out of it but unfortunately we had to give up our first place and ended third. Reviewing the weekend, we’re now officially third in the Seat championship.” explains Jimmy Adriaenssens.

With still 12 races on the menu and the proof that an overal win is possible, the Spork Racing Team will not lose its courage! In Spa they’ll return with a new gearbox and more combativeness as ever before.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht – Adriaenssens-Nye opnieuw samen op het podium in Slowakije

Press release – Adriaenssens-Nye reunited and on the podium in Slovakia

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Het Laatste Nieuws – Adriaenssens en Van Herck in Slowakije

Good season opener for Adriaenssens during the FIA GT Zolder – ENG/NL

The GT World Sprint Series, a mix of beautiful cars, close fights, champagne and sunshine. Summarized a great weekend for having the Kick-Off of the Supercar Challenge season. In the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa’s, we saw some familiar faces. On the one hand, Jimmy Adriaenssens as a solid value within the Spork Racing Team, keen on making a good impression during the first weekend. On the other hand De Kimpe – Van Paemel who will defend the colors of Petronas. Jimmy’s former teammate David Nye had to forfait the first racemeeting because he had to compete in the third and fourth round of the British Touring Car Championship.

“When it started to rain on Friday just before the qualifying session, we had to take a guess concerning tires and setup. Just before the session I decided to fit raintires and made some quick setup changes. Seen that the car felt extremely stable, it was a decision that paid off right away. Although my tires had already gone through one heat cycle, we succeeded in conquering the third place. I went for another fast lap because of the new rule in which the organisation takes your two fastest laptimes for the starting grid positions of both races. During the last minute we dropped back one place when a BMW shod on slicks clocked pole. Nevertheless starting from P4 and P5 was the ultimate proof that the Spork Racing Team had delivered some astonishing work this winter.” Jimmy Adriaenssens.

The start of the first race was close, the Riwal Seat tapped the BMW 1, just in front of Jimmy’s white and red Supercopa. The Riwal Seat got into a drift that made him touch the wall smoothly. Adriaenssens saw this as an opportunity and took off with the two leading BMW’s, but unfortunately Jimmy started to feel a braking problem. “Each time I hammered the brakes my rear wheels locked, I changed the braking pressure all the way to the front but it wouldn’t help. I couldn’t get enough pressure in the front braking system so I tried to be easier on the brakes. Being easier on the brakes I started losing valuable seconds and I had to accept the locking rear tires, hoping that my rear tires would last through the race. After about 40 minutes of racing, I started to feel vibrations, I knew I got to the core of the tire and that rubber was coming of.” explains Adriaenssens. “Approximately fifteen minutes before the finish, my left rear tire exploded and I was forced to pit. After having lost a few places, we regained a few but we had to accept being fourth Supercopa and eight overall.”

After having made profound adjustments to the braking system of the car, Adriaenssens was keen on translating the hard work of Spork into good results during the second race. Jimmy got off the line quickly and got into a fight with the BMW M3 WTCC of Ronald Van Loon. After multiple spectacular actions, Jimmy could create a gap and took off. “Settled in fifth position I was racing about 10 seconds in front of the main pack and 10 seconds behind the leading group. It was impossible to find a slipstream and close the gap with the leading group. After the pitstop, the situation was kind of similar but eventually we did gain one place and became fourth overall, with a second place amongst the Seat Supercopa’s. A very satisfying result after this braking issue of the previous day!” The first podium for Supercopa n° 423 was a fact and the team was overjoyed to see that competing in the top five is possible now!

The whole team is looking forward to their trip to Slovakia on May 18th – 19th. In Slovakia, Jimmy’s co David Nye will rejoin the team and exploit his BTCC-skills in the international Supercar Challenge.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Persbericht NL – SRO GT Sprint (Mooie seizoensopener voor Adriaenssens tijdens de FIA GT Zolder)

Press release ENG – SRO GT Sprint (Good season opener for Adriaenssens during the FIA GT Zolder)

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