Adriaenssens-Van Riel reunited in Spa – ENG/NL

After an eleven month lasting absence in the European car racing world, Jimmy Adriaenssens will join the Supercar Challenge in Spa-Francorchamps. Due to his unfortunate accident end of 2013, the young Spork Racing driver couldn’t start the championship in the beginning of the season. October 3rd to 5th, he will be guiding the new Seat Super’SPORK’copa over the beautiful Belgian GP track to regain his glory. Nobody else than Philippe Van Riel will split the car with Jimmy. Philippe and Jimmy go a while back, in 2005 they both started their racing career in Belgian car racing with a VW Golf 4 2.0 Procar. In 2009 they switched to a Seat Leon Supercopa and up till then they have been stacking podiums in their five year lasting cooperation.

Philippe Van Riel “Between 2010 and now I’ve been focusing on my business and car racing sort of drifted off a bit. A few weeks ago I had some conversations around participating in the 24h of Zolder 2015 with Spork Racing and it was then that the Supercar Challenge Racing Festival of Spa came up. Seen I’ve always been bitten by the car racing virus I’ll already join Jimmy and Spork for the race in Spa. It will be great to take place behind the wheel again and to fully surrender to this nostalgia!”

Jimmy Adriaenssens “I’m thrilled to become part again of this great championship. Despite the fact that our team only ran two race weekends this year, we didn’t let anything to chance. The new Supercopa is up and running and the livery looks, in our own modest opinion, super great. It won’t be an easy assignment in Spa to measure ourselves with the competition again, seen we have few reference of the speed of the other competitors and we don’t have any experience with the new Pirelli tyres. But challenge accepted for sure!” Now Jimmy has totally cured, he’s focusing on his passion for 110% again. 2014 is his tenth year in car racing, what makes his come-back even more special!

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Presss release ENG – Supercar Challenge Racing Festival Spa (Adriaenssens-Van Riel reunited in Spa)

Persbericht NL – Supercar Challenge Racing Festival Spa (Adriaenssens-Van Riel herenigd in Spa)

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