Adriaenssens-Nye again vice-champion in Seat after horrifying weekend – Finale Races Assen – ENG/NL

October 19th – 20th, the final raceweekend of the Supercar Challenge 2013. With a clear advance on the third Supercopa in the Seat championship, Jimmy Adriaenssens and David Nye joined their forces for the last raceweekend of 2013. Spork Racing, represented by their white and red Seat Leon Supercopa # 423 was looking forward to the last meeting.

Saturday morning, 10.30 am, all the Supersport cars commenced their qualifying session. Jimmy Adriaenssens would fulfill the first fifteen minutes, were it not that destiny strook. Earlier this year on the TT circuit of Assen, Jimmy already had to receive a twenty kilo
driveshaft through his windscreen, but that clearly wasn’t enough for Murphy… “It was a cold morning, so we had to make sure warming up the car over at least two laps. After my third wall pass the car felt great and I went for my first fast lap. Everything went smoothly until I arrived at the Ruskenhoek-corner, the back of the car oversteered sudden and aggressively and at 150 kph, the front axle couldn’t deliver enough power to get the nose of the car back in the right direction. The car gripped on the wrong moment and launched itself towards the guard rails. A serious impact followed and the car was unrepairably damaged for the weekend.” mentioned a defeated Jimmy Adriaenssens. Immediately after the impact Jimmy complained about pain in the lower back and
stomach. He was transported to the hospital where they determined three spinal fractures. It wasn’t before Tuesday afternoon when Jimmy could leave the hospital with a corset to stabilize his back.

“After having raced for nine years in European car racing, this is by far the worst crash I’ve ever experienced or even seen. I can almost count all the serious incidents I’ve been part of in these nine years on one hand. Therefore this doesn’t demotivate me to rejoin the sport in 2014. Car racing is a part of my life and you just can’t put that aside. The satisfaction I’ve had in this magnificent sport is just unexplainable. Also the various ‘get wel soon’s from my fans, friends, family, colleague drivers / -teams,… are such a great motivation to get back on the horse in 2014!” Jimmy Adriaenssens.

See enclosed PDF-files for the downloadable (Dutch) race reviews.

Press release ENG – Final Races Assen (Adriaenssens-Nye again vice-champion in Seat after horrifying weekend)

Persbericht NL – Finale Races Assen (Adriaenssens-Nye opnieuw vice-kampioen in Seat na horrorweekend)

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