Jimmy Adriaenssens as fastest Belgian in Superport – Supercar Challenge races 1 & 2 – ENG/NL

Last weekend the kick-off of the Supercar Challenge took place. The Supercar Challenge is a championship in which diversity of racetracks, gentle driving, hospiltality and sportivity are the main ingredients. The Spork Racing Team was proud to enter no less than 3 Seat Leon Supercopas, for the team it was their debute in a completely unknown championship and the positive messages about the Supercar Challenge have been confirmed. The foundation of the new Seat Supercopa division was a surprise that was appreciated by all the Supercopa drivers, therefore: Thank you Dick Van Elk!

Jimmy ‘AJ’ Adriaenssens, only driver on Supercopa n° 323, was keen on having a great opening weekend. The youngster from Antwerp has been studying all the variables with his teammanager and considered himself together with Supercopa n° 325 (De Kimpe – Van Paemel) and Supercopa n° 324 (De Graef – Van Kelst) as well-prepared for the kick-off during the FIA GT1 at Zolder. AJ: “After a long and doubtfull winter in Belgian car racing our interest in the Supercar Challenge slowly grew. There are multiple reasons why we chose for the former Dutch championship. At first the diversity of racetracks, our love for sprint-races and last but not least the oppurtunity to fight for the general ranking with our proper Supercopas. For now we’re still profondly searching for the ideal setup on Dunlop-tyres, because their characteristics are nothing like the former Michelins we’ve been using. I have to say I’m flattered by my team’s effort because they have been working so hard to translate my visions and feedback into newer and especially better setups! We started the weekend with a competitive car and ended it with an almost ideal setup for Zolder. A fact I’ve tried to confirm them by ending second twice in both races! Thanks Spork RT!!

During the first race our Antwerpian Supercopa-contador, immediately booked the second place in the new Supercopa division. Because the race was being held over 60 minutes, racing on the limit was a must-do. Jimmy pushed his Spanish stallion to the limit but did have to lower his rhythm in the end, because his front brakes were gone right away. “During the pitstop I received the message my front brakes were used for 2/3 in only the first half hour, I knew I had to change my driving for the second half hour to be able to fullfill the race in a ‘safe’ way. On the other hand I had to keep in mind my close competitors could use this as their advantage so for me it was a matter of clocking sharp laptimes without overloading my brakes. Everyone knows that one thing can’t go without the other so I tried to find a fast but economical rhythm. It seemed to work until 10 minutes before the chequered flag, my brakes were totally gone and I had to stop the car by handbraking. Tense moments followed each other but eventually I could treat my team with a second position!!” a satisfied Jimmy Adriaenssens. With his 6th place overall Jimmy became fastest Belgian in race 1.

Jimmy’s starting position for the second race was very favorable, due to his 6th position overall on Saturday, he could start from the third row on Sunday. Now he had taken the necessary precautions to exclude the braking problem, it couldn’t go wrong. Again, Jimmy came through ranked second after the first lap and succeeded in creating a gap between him and his followers. After a few laps the Safety Car ran out for only 2 or 3 laps, while being released again Jimmy recreated the gap and got loose from the pack. After a tense race with spectacular moments, AJ’s Super’SPORK’a regained a second place and important points for the championship. In the general rankings Jimmy finished 8th overall, again crowned fastest Belgian.

It was an uncommonly pleasant raceweekend for the entire Spork Racing Team and they’re very enthousiastic about the next event at the Nürburgring Germany. Jimmy, who has never raced the entire Grand Prix-track, has already planned a few virtual tests to arrive well-prepared in Germany. He has some global ideas towards settings but these will be expanded during the next weeks. Jimmy Adriaenssens is keen on enlarging his advance in the Supercopa division and will try his best as always to fullfill these intentions.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – FIA GT1 Zolder (Jimmy Adr. tweemaal snelste Belg met Supercopa).pdf