Final Races Assen: Adriaenssens-Nye are vice-champion in Seat Supercopa – ENG/NL

After a fertile year for the entire Spork Racing Team, the last races of the Supercar Challenge were held during the Final Races Assen last weekend. The duo Adriaenssens-Nye crowned itself vice-champion in the Supercopa division earlier, but was still keen on shining in the Supersport division. As usual, the second Supercopa n° 325 was driven by the duo De Kimpe – Van Paemel.

“The qualifying session was one never to forget, it was stopped twice for an oil trail and for a huge crash. The Seat Leon Supercopa of Remco De Beus went off in the ‘Ramshoek’-corner and rolled four times to eventually land on its roof. Eventually the paddock filled itself with joy again, after having noted that Remco only suffered a concussion and some bruised ribs from this horror-crash! Luckily David could easily forget the accident and lapped a toptime, which gave us P3 in the Supercopa division.” Jimmy Adriaenssens.

David Nye started the first race and launched himself until he got hit hard by a slightly too optimistic competitor. “While exiting the second corner the car next to me threw itself on the ideal line, not noticing I was already driving there. His car hit mine pretty hard and we both went off. Once I rejoined the track I felt vibrations whilst braking, they were caused by a damaged bearing. If I’d go to the pits, I’d lose that much time that the race would be over so we decided over the radio that I’d keep driving and noticing the bearing problem. If it didn’t get worse I could easily fulfill the race.” Due to that avoidable collision, the Supercopa of the English-Belgian duo lost time but regained it slowly. After about thirty minutes of racing, it was up to Jimmy Adriaenssens. He rejoined the track in a fourth position, with about a twelve second gap on the other Super’SPORK’copa. “After a few laps, the Petronas-car appeared in front of me and I closed the gap with Vincent Van Paemel. What followed was a titanic struggle which was clearly tasted by the crowd. Several attacks followed one to another but it became obvious that pushing these attacks would lead to contact and contact with my teammate was the last thing I wanted. The pace got higher and higher and we started equaling our qualifying times. I also knew that Jonas and Vincent needed their points while my vice-title had already been ensured in Spa, so I wasn’t going to rush an overtake. As I followed Vincent I saw he had really done his homework right. He rarely made mistakes, which made overtaking harder and harder. Watching Vincent race like that was a clear confirmation that the Spork Racing Team is a nursery for young talent. For this once we had to agree on finishing fourth.” still a satisfied Jimmy Adriaenssens.

The start of the second race was up to AJ. He got away pretty easy and won three positions in the first straight. He immediately seized the third place amongst the Supercopas, but what followed was outright horror. “I saw a Lotus approaching in my mirror and I created an opening for him to pass. As a thank you, the car launched itself, just like in the first race, onto my right front wheel. My suspension was smashed and the race was over. After having examined the video footage it was obvious I didn’t have any blame in the collision. I went aside as far as I could and the other car still made contact. It was obvious the other car throttled way to soon and slided into mine. Ok, this is racing, but if I see one car making the same mistake twice, I start asking myself questions…” an seriously indignant Jimmy Adriaenssens.

Despite these crashes in the last weekend, it has been a very sportive and beautiful racing season with a lot of podiums, good atmosphere and a vice-title for the duo Adriaenssens-Nye. Also the Supercopa of De Kimpe – Van Paemel proved to be strong and could concur the third place in the Supercopa division. The knowledge and passion of the Spork Racing Team have clearly been confirmed and team manager Herman likes to thank all his driver and team members for the great cooperation.

 See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Finale Races Assen Review (Adriaenssens-Nye zijn vice-kampioen in Supercar Challenge Seat Supercopa)

Racing Festival Spa: Adriaenssens-Nye have become vice-champion with still two races to go – ENG/NL

During the 13th and 14th of October, the gentlemen of the Supercar Challenge could recompete again, this time in the homeland of the Belgian… Spa-Francorchamps. With one free practice, one qualifying session and one race on Saturday, continued by one race on Sunday, it was obvious that Saturday was the center of the weekend. The Spork Racing Team defended their interests with its usual weapons: Jimmy Adriaenssens – David Nye in Supercopa n° 323 and Jonas De Kimpe – Vincent Van Paemel in Supercopa n° 325.

After a favorable free practice and qualifying session on Spork’s homecircuit, the weekend couldn’t go wrong anymore. Just behind a huge pack of GT’s amongst which Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Viper, Mosler,… the red-white vehicle of the duo Adriaenssens-Nye could start from P13 in the Supersport-division.

Jimmy took the start of the first race and enjoyed his stint to the fullest. After about fifteen minutes, the leaders of the Supersport-division appeared in his visor. Slow but certainly, terrain was gained. “Suddenly the weather gods appeared to favor us and treated us with some drizzly rain, some drivers didn’t even seem to notice while others entered the pits for rain tires. It was obvious that this drizzle wouldn’t take long and I decided not to fit rain tires, the track was just a little bit moisty, not wet yet. To my great pleasure, I saw two BMW-drivers losing the trust in their cars and it became a matter of time to overtake them.” Jimmy Adriaenssens. After AJ’s party of ice-skating on the moisty surface, he came in to change drivers with David. “While we were standing in the pits, we really didn’t have a clue how the surface was our there. We saw the track was a bit moisty but we had to trust Jimmy for the choice of tires into the second part of the race. Jimmy decided to send me out on slicks and indeed this was the right choice. The rain stopped almost immediately after the pitstop and everybody went flat out again. I tried to pick up a few places until we got treated with heavy rain just ten minutes before the end. It wasn’t worth it anymore to change tires, so we had to fullfill the race trying to keep the car between the lines. Eventually the weather got worse and everybody lowered its rhythm, trying to avoid risks. Nevertheless we became sixth in Supersport and second amongst the Supercopa’s. A favorable result!” David Nye.

The second race was held in much more stable conditions. The sun would shine from beginning to end, only the podiumceremony would become a soaped happening. David took the start of the second race and drove, thanks to the good result in race one, nicely in between the leading group. It was a matter of attaching and attacking where possible. Also Jimmy’s stint ran that way, with the only difference he refound his former competitors from race one. The message was clear, trying to get the other to make a fuss, make an attack and create a gap so re-attacking would be impossible. Just behind a yellow flag situation Jimmy saw his chance. As well Ruud Olij (BMW M3 GT4) as Martin Lanting (BMW Z4) didn’t seem to find their speed after the neutralization and had to make place for the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa. Eventually the Belgian-English duo finished seventh in Supersport and third in Seat Supercopa. With this result they have insured their vice-title in the Supercopa-division.

The final race of the season will be held on the 27th and 28th of October on the Dutch racetrack TT Assen. There, the Belgian-English duo will again try to get a general podium in Supersport.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Racing Festival Spa Review (Adriaenssens-Nye officieel tot vice-kampioen gekroond met nog 2 races op het programma)

Trophy of the Dunes: Visit to the Atlantic results in a pile of point for Adriaenssens-Nye – ENG/NL

For the second time, the Supersport-divison of the Supercar Challenge headed north to run round thirteen and fourtheen on Dutch soil. For both the duo’s Adriaenssens J. / Nye D. (SPC 323) and De Kimpe J. / Van Paemel V. (SPC 325) Circuit Park Zandvoort was considered new. With only a virtual idea of the racetrack, the Antwerpian Spork Racing Team arrived highly motivated.

“During the free practice we all had to get used to the narrow track. At several crucial points on the track you only had one meter of grass, followed by a tire wall or guard rails. It was obvious that focus and respecting the car’s limits would be the key factor this weekend! Nevertheless we knew that the weekend would bring use beautiful challenges and what more does a driver want?” Jimmy ‘AJ’ Adriaenssens.

Shod on new rubber, the Antwerpian Supercopa’s took off. The beginning of the qualifying session immediately confirmed Jimmy and David’s vision about Circuit Park Zandvoort because in the first lap already a BMW 1.30i made a mistake and putted itself into the barrier right in front the Belgian-English duo. The qualifying session got neutralized and a ten minute delay kept the cars in the pitlane. Still a bit impressed by the accident right in front of him, Jimmy re-entered the track and started exploring the boundaries. Eventually a second place in Supercopa, eight in general got realized and the countdown to the first race started.

In the qualifying session, Jimmy also assisted another driver, he would share a KTM X-Bow with Rudi Lemmens in as well the qualifying session as the first race. “My ride in the beautiful KTM X-Bow came rather unexpected. Rudi, who became X-Bow Battle Champion 2011 had recently decided to give the Supercar Challenge a try. Fitted with an engine update and slicks for the first time, the KTM was transformed from an amazing road vehicle to a competitive race car with good odds in the Supercar Challenge. After our spontaneous meeting on Friday, we joined hands together for Saturday and I would start the first race in my red-white Supercopa, to then change vehicles and finish the race in the KTM X-Bow. During qualifying I’ve had two laps to explore the car and everything felt good.”

The weather just before the First race spoke volumes. Though all the cars were fitted with slicks, it started raining heavily just before the race. The doubt increased and everybody wondered: would the track dry before the race or not. Salvation came when it started raining even harder. Until just before the start of the race, a lot of spray came of the cars in the other session and rain tires were fitted. Unfortunately this spray was very local and about 70% of the track was dry. Team manager Herman Adriaenssens had to make the decision and just before the warm-up lap he called both his cars in to fit slicks. “Afterwards this clearly was the right choice. Jimmy, who started from the pits, followed by five other cars who shared our decision, was able to regain nineteen places in half an hour. Starting twenty-fifth, he entered the pitlane after his stint as sixth to give the car to David. David himself didn’t have any trouble whatsoever to stay in front of the other cars but unfortunately the gap between him and the leading group got to big. Eventually Jimmy and David finished sixth in general and second Supercopa!” a satisfied Herman Adriaenssens.

“Both my stints in the Supercopa and the X-Bow went smoothly. It though was a minor adaptation to change from a front wheel driven car to a rear wheel driven car so sudden, but as each driver knows it only takes you a few meters to get into your rhythm. After the first corner already you can feel the limits and reactions of the car and you try to give the best of yourself!” J. Adriaenssens.

David Nye “Meanwhile it has become a habitude that I start the second race. An aspect which wasn’t any problem for me, knowing I could start from the third row. Starting sixth I had a clear view on the leading group and I could plan my attacks thoroughly. During the start I climbed up to the fourth place, but because I couldn’t find a gap to get to the inside of the first corner I had to give my top five spot away. Due to the narrowness of Zandvoort it was hard finding a place to overtake. Nevertheless I brought the car in safely and in sixth position Jimmy drove off to end the weekend.”

It was clear that the Spanish powersource of Adriaenssens – Nye was keen proving itself on Dutch soil. “I really wanted to make something special out of the last and deciding stint so I tried to improve our general position. After about tree laps I got the KTM X-Bow of Retera-Kox in sight. Knowing I approached Kox and with the other X-Bow of R. Lemmens behind me I knew I could lose or win big time. Hanging in sixth, my driving could provide me a fifth or in the worst case a seventh place. Motivation enough, and the gap between me and Kox became smaller while Lemmens kept following me from the same distance. Once attached to the first X-Bow it was a matter of making a clean attack and driving off. Luckily I succeeded and kept both X-Bows behind me. Now we were only 2 positions from the general podium. A few laps later, Lady Fortune showed up and the car in front me in fourth position was forced to go to the pitlane due to a mechanical malfunction. Before I knew it, I was fourth and I only had to defend because the top tree drove about forty seconds in front of me. An age in terms of racing!. Eventually we finished fourth in general and again second Supercopa, a result which rewarded the proud members of the Spork Racing Team for their ever lasting hard work and of course our partners which make it all possible! Enormous thanks to everybody!!” a very satisfied Jimmy Adriaenssens.

On the 12th – 14th of October, the second to last race meeting is held at Spa-Francorchamps. The Spork Racing Team is very much looking forward to defend their interests on proper soil and will again show up with their both Supercopa’s, n° 323 and n° 325.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Trophy of the Dunes Review (Uitje aan zee resulteert in een berg punten voor Adriaenssens-Nye)

24h of Zolder: Spork spices the program of the 24hoZ – ENG/NL

Throughout the 6th – 9th of September, the BeNeLux Supercar Challenge spiced the 24 hours of Zolder – weekend. The formation was as always, 1 free practice, 1 qualifying and 2 races. Both the Antwerpian Super’SPORK’copa’s were tamed by Adriaenssens J. / Nye D. (n° 323) and De Kimpe J. (n° 325).

The qualifying session on Thursday was very promising, seen that Jimmy Adriaenssens succeeded in breaking the lap record of Spork Racing by as much as 0,6 seconds. In reality a negligible number but within the top level of car racing a difference that can decide whether somebody starts from pole or last. During the Superprix at Zolder a few months ago, car 323 clocked 1.42.2, now 1.41.6. This proves Spork’s unstoppable urge to shine by constantly improving its cars. Spork is really keen on breaking the 1.40 barrier.

“Because I clocked the fastest laptime in qualifying, I got the honor to start the first race. I tried to choose the correct moment to go flat out in the rolling start and was able to mix with leading group. It was racing on the edge and one attack followed the other. I couldn’t immediately pass the BMW M3 GT4 of Stox – De Vries but nevertheless I kept trying. During the fifth or sixth lap, suddenly the car lost power. I clearly heard an uncontrolled burn in my exhaust and had to pull over. After having tried to reset the car without any result I was towed. While the team manager tried to start the car I heard the engine going into a loop and we almost immediately knew the problem. The ECU-fuse was broken and after having changed it, I headed of again. Eventually David and I succeeded in conquering a hth place amongst the Supercopa’s but if the fuse hadn’t blown we’d surely could have obtained a podium.” Jimmy ‘AJ’ Adriaenssens.

David Nye took the start of the second race and delivered a second place amongst the Supercopa’s during his stint! In general he climbed from 24th to 13th. Jimmy had to take the second part of the race and he was keen on getting the Spanish bull in the top ten. Due to the enormous heat (about 33°C in the shadows) each car had to cope with temperature issues. “I tried to stay calm and save the car. It was a matter of strategically preparing your attack on another competitor, otherwise you didn’t succeed in overtaking and running of. You really had to cool down the car for about 2 laps by revving less and then making a surprising attack so you could immediately create a gap. If not, and you had to take defending line, you’d probably end up battling and struggling to defend your place. If you could create a gap and avoid any defence, you could save the car, run smooth and fast lines and run away.” AJ. After 60 minutes of racing in the blistering heat, the Belgian – English duo saw the chequered flag and was very satisfied to have gained another podium. They became 2nd in Supercopa and 8th overall.

During the 21st – 23rd of September, the Antwerpian Spork Racing Team will head off to Circuit Park Zandvoort to enlarge their gap on the 3rd Supercopa in the championship. In Holland Spork will again compete with its red-white and green-white cars.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – 24h of Zolder Review (Spork zorgt voor een pittig voorprogramma van de legendarische 24hoZ)

Adriaenssens-Nye again own two podiums on Dutch soil – ENG/NL

Touring Cars, GT’s, Sidecars, Superbikes, Superkarts,… All, piece by piece lusts for each motorsport-fan. The Gamma Racing Day had it all to fascinate young and old, more than 60.000 visitors were registered past weekend on the Dutch racetrack of TT Assen. Spork Racing again showed up with two Seat Leon Supercopa’s and was determined to insure fun, victory and spectacle during the Supersport-races on Saturday and Sunday! As usual the drivers on both Super’SPORK’copa’s were Jimmy Adriaenssens – David Nye on car number 323 and Jonas De Kimpe – Vincent Van Paemel on car number 325.

Jimmy Adriaenssens “During the first free practice Friday morning I felt we weren’t far away from a competitive setup for the Dutch track. The car felt pretty stable though a few changes insisted on being taken. The team got to work on both cars and during qualifying it seemed that we were almost where we wanted to. After consideration with the team, David and I, we decided that I would take the start of the first race and nevertheless under a shiny sun Saturday evening I was launched.” Jimmy was held up during the first two laps and watched a gap creating itself between him and the other Supercopa’s only a few cars in front of him. He knew which task waited for him and after a few daring but successful attacks in the platoon he started catching up on the other Supercopa’s. Eventually after his first stint, AJ delivered the car in third position to David. David, who was keen on improving this third position, got stuck himself behind another car. The situation was classic, on the straights the car in front pulled away, whilst braking and cornering David lined up again. Lap after lap David lost seconds and even though he got past, the other car out pulled him on the longer straights. Unfortunately third was the best possible – but nevertheless a very nice – result. Keeping that in mind the Belgian-English duo was determined to fight back even harder and to improve the third position in race 2.

David Nye “The weather just before race 2 was dreadful, it was raining cats and dogs and I asked myself whether the team couldn’t fit a set of propellers instead of rain tyres. The track flooded on multiple locations and the race was deferred for about an hour. After the raining had stopped, the soil still felt pretty warm and it became a gamble whether to choose between slicks or rain tyres. Some cars tried slicks, other cars tried rain tyres, eventually we decided to fit rain tyres so we could go full throttle from the beginning. I tried to keep up with the leading group untill the safety car neutralized the race. As soon as the pit window opened, I delivered the car to Jimmy. “Just before the driver change I decided to fit slicks because I saw the track was 75% dry. I joined the track – still behind safety car – and as I started counting the cars in front of me I saw I was in fifth position in general and second Supercopa! It was clear that the team had delivered a beautiful piece of craftsmanship by changing the tyres. After the light turned green it was a matter of all or nothing because I knew a podium in general was in our range of possibilities. I pushed the car to its limits and I almost equaled my proper qualifying time though there still were some humid spots on the track. My rigorous attack seemed to work because I improved another place and turned out to be fourth in general. Apparently most cars were pretty carefull on the cold and wet soil, which was exactly the opposite of my tactic. I knew what I could win or lose so I went for it, that’s just racing! I kept pushing 200% until – just a few laps from the end – a faster car appeared in my mirror… Eventually I couldn’t defend my fourth place anymore and the other competitor got past. We did finish second in Supercopa and fifth in general and we collected very important points for the championship.” Adriaenssens.

The Spork Racing Team was mad with joy because we flirted with the general podium, knowing we raced against approximately 40 other cars. Fifth of forty competitors does satisfy a racer and its team, and it motivates even harder to do better next race-event in Zolder, beginning of September. Jimmy and David are still classified second amongst the Seats and enlarged their lead on the Supercopa’s of Voet-Vandenbroeck and De Kimpe-Van Paemel.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Gamma Racing Day Assen Review (Adriaenssens-Nye eigenen zich 2 podia toe op Nederlandse bodem)

Adriaenssens-Nye shine twice in Zolder – ENG/NL

The Spork Racing Team, who ran two Seat Supercopa’s at Zolder during the Superprix-weekend, can review a satisfying weekend. The Supersport-division within the Supercar Challenge held its seventh and eighth round at Zolder and again Spork could return home with a load of cups, flowers and podiumcaps.

“During the eve of each raceweekend, it’s constantly a matter of preconsidering all the variables, to think sober and to hope that Lady Fortuna is on your side. During the free practice I built up a lot of trust in the car, made a few modifications afterwards and it felt like the qualifying session in the afternoon couldn’t go wrong. The team decided I would do the first part of the qualifying. Provided with new tires and new brakes I got off in the middle of the pack. During the first 2 laps I pushed my way through the pack and found that one deciding free lap. My tires and brakes were ped in and I went for the actual qualifying lap. Lady Fortuna was clearly on my side because I succeeded in breaking the Spork Racing lap-record in Zolder and got listed as fastest DSG-shifted Supercopa in qualifying.” A clearly satisfied Jimmy Adriaenssens.

Even though the weather forecast for Saturday made a few drivers shiver, Saturday’s races were held in sunny conditions. The duo Adriaenssens-Nye, starting from an eleventh position in general and second in Supercopa, was keen on attacking the leading pack. Jimmy Adriaenssens started the race and about immediately it almost went wrong. “During the start I could climb up a few positions and had some drivers in front of me under pressure. After about three-quarter of the first lap I saw a slightly too optimistic BMW braking late in front of me and going off in the Rea-corner at the hospital. When the BMW re-entered the track he went sideways and got launched perpendicular towards me, I tried to avoid him but did feel a small impact on my rear-left wheel. Fortunately I kept my car in the right direction and didn’t lose much time, in the following straight I could feel my suspension didn’t suffer much from the impact and took my chances by fulfilling the rest of my stint without pitting for a check-up. If I did pitted, I would have lost that much time I couldn’t compete for the podium anymore.” After about 25 minutes of racing, David Nye took over in second position amongst the Supercopa’s and assured this position. The other car of the Spork Racing Team also did a good job and finished third. It was a Sporkial ceremony with both of their cars on the podium! Adriaenssens-Nye as second, De Kimpe-Van Paemel as third.

David Nye “As I started the second race, we decided to fit slicks because we assumed the slight drizzle would stop. Eventually it didn’t quite stop drizzling and it took me very long to get some heat in the rear tires. As always it’s no problem to get heat in the front tires, but those rear tires did slow me down a bit. The track was clearly more dangerous as some drivers expected, right in front of me the BMW M3 GT4 of Van Rijswick-l’Ortye lost control and face planted its German car right into wall on the sacrament hill. This accident obviously followed by a safety car procedure it stayed hard to get heat in the rear tires. After the safety car procedure, the race went smoothly but two laps before the mandatory pitstop my car oversteered heavily and I missed the wall by inches. If I had tapped the brake a bit later I would have guaranteed touched the wall. Luckily I didn’t and I could continue my race.” Jimmy who kept contact with David over the intercom decided to fit rain tires on the back. All the teams tried different, the one stayed on slicks, the other went for rain tires, nobody knew what the best option was but Jimmy thought he could make a difference by this rather special setting. “It has been 2 years now since I’ve raced on this setup. It was a trick which became popular when Tom Coronel won a WTCC-race with it. In 2010, I’ve also won a race by doing this and I hoped for it to work again. A rain tire doesn’t need much heat to separate glue from its surface, so you can immediately push. The main problem is though, you can easily burn them whilst racing on a dry surface, if the heat gets too high, the tire won’t stick to ground anymore and you will have to drift your car through the corners. No sooner said than done, the car did lose some grip towards the end of the race because of the drying surface and I had to drift the car through the corners. Both a fun but pretty dangerous way of driving. It feels like you’re going over the limit all the time and if you lose control once, you’ll probably end up on a towing truck. Keeping that in mind, I did find a balance between fast laptimes and no mistakes which resulted in a sixth position overall and second in Supercopa. Unfortunately the race was too short to gain a few more places but perhaps and I do say perhaps an overall podium could have been a possibility! Nevertheless I was very happy to treat the Spork Racing Team with another podium after this ultimately quite dangerous stunt.” AJ

In the Supercar Challenge standings, the Antwerpian could enforce his second position in the Supercopa division and the sixth position overall also delivers some nice point for the Supersport standings. Spork Racing is already looking forward to the next meeting in Assen. None of Spork’s drivers ever drove in Assen so they’ll work hard to find to correct settings, balance and rhythm. Herman Adriaenssens, teamchief of Spork Racing, has been racing in Assen a decade ago. So before the racemeeting, Herman’s experience is what the drivers will rely on.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Superprix Zolder Review (Adriaenssens-Nye schitteren tweemaal tijdens de Superprix)

Adriaenssens-Nye prove their knowledge on a rainy Sunday – ENG/NL

The Spa Euro Races on June 23rd and 24th were typified by many extremes, on the one hand the (Super)GT’s got mixed with the Supersport-cars, on the other hand was the weather very enjoyable on Saturday with sometimes even a beautifull sun, followed by a stormy Sunday. The Spork Racing Team didn’t seem to mind the awful weatherconditions on Sunday and showed its excellent shape by entering three Seat Leon Supercopa’s.

Jimmy Adriaenssens “Just like in round three and four of the Supersport on the Nürburgring I would be competing in two cars. As always I would be driving in my very own Supercopa n° 323, assisted by David Nye, but this time also in Supercopa n° 324 with Wim De Graef. Unfortunately I could only find a free lap in Supercopa 324 and not in mine, which made me run the fastest lap of the Spork Racing Team with Supercopa 324 and resulted in a third starting position in the Supercopa-division.” SPC 323 followed on only 0,7s and both 323 as 324 were positioned next to each other on the grid. SPC 325, driven by the duo De Kimpe – Van Paemel also clocked sharp laptimes but couldn’t find the last tenths of a second and started one row behind the other Spork-duo’s.

David Nye: “First we opted to have Jimmy starting the first race in our car, afterwards he would switch to SPC 324. Eventually it would perhaps be a better idea to let him start in the car of Wim De Graef and me in our proper 323, so we could connect and drive forward through the platoon. Afterwards it seemed to be easier said as done, because we would have never predicted that the GT’s, starting behind us, would slow us down. I saw Jimmy quickly coming of the line and already in the first straight a GT came passed me a slowed me down through the La-Source corner, in Eau Rouge exactly the same happened and I lost Jimmy out of my sight. I’ve been doing the best I could during my stint but both Jimmy and I were equal competitors so we didn’t meet anymore.” After a fast but often hindered stint, David Nye came in just when the Safety Car left the track for the mandatory pitstop. From then on the race had been decided. Jimmy ‘AJ’ Adriaenssens re-entered the track in sixth position but, however he clocked one qualifying laptime after the other, he couldn’t improve his position anymore. Adriaenssens-Nye finished sixth in the Supercopa-division.

In extremely wet conditions, the second race was started. Several drivers didn’t even start the race and pitted immediately after the warm-up lap due to the minimal visibility caused by the spray of other cars. “When we were running the warm-up laps behind the safety car, I was certain that each driver was thinking whether it was a good idea to race in these rainy conditions whether not. The visibility was that bad, you sometimes couldn’t even see the rain-lights of the car in front of you beyond 10 m . If you dared to enjoy the slipstream of the car in front of you, you couldn’t even distinguish grass from asphalt aside your car. It constantly was a matter of using your personal experience of Spa-Francorchamps, projecting it on your ever grey windscreen and to rely on your instincts. Eventually I can say it worked out quite well for me because after only two laps I conquered the third position, having started sixth. During my stint I climbed from 35th position to 20th overall, I really swam through a platoon of Lamborghini’s, Dodge Vipers, Porsche GT3,… It just keeps surprising drivers how fast a Supercopa can be in the wet! It is a rare but very satisfying scene, overtaking all those GT’s!” a clearly satisfied Jimmy Adriaenssens.

Eventually David Nye defended the third place and treated himself, AJ and the Spork Racing Team with another podium (3rd in Supercopa). Everybody is looking forward to the next meeting: Superprix at Zolder 4th – 6th of July, where the Spork Racing Team will run two Seat Leon Supercopa’s.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Spa Euro Race Review (Adriaenssens-Nye scoren sterk op een verregend Spa-Francorchamps)

Preview: Jimmy Adriaenssens will again compete in 2 Seat Supercopa’s during the Spa Euro Race – ENG/NL

After a succesfull beginning of the season, in which Jimmy Adriaenssens has succesfully built out his share in the Supersport-division, he will again compete in two Seat Supercopas in Spa-Francorchamps next weekend (23rd – 24th of June), just like in Germany a few weeks ago.

As usual ‘AJ’ will defend the honor of the Spork Racing Team in his very own Supercopa n° 323, the car which he’ll share with David Nye and in which he’ll fight for the championship. The other Supercopa he’ll be driving is car n° 324 from Wim De Graef – Kris Van Kelst. Kris Van Kelst, who unfortunately couldn’t participate this weekend, will entrust his ride to our young Belgian. “My stunt at the Nürburgring was much appreciated by many, regarding all the positive comments I received after the races. Therefore I didn’t hesitate for long when Wim De Graef asked me to assist him in his Supercopa. I will do the best I can for Wim, David Nye, the complete Spork Racing Team, as for myself to get our Super’SPORK’copas as far in front as I can. Because now we’ll share the racetrack will the (Super)GT’s also, it is hard to determine where we’ll finish in the pack, but we’ll for sure try to get as much cars as possible underneath us on the TV-screens. I’m very much looking forward to the meetings and I hope to treat the crowd with nice spectacle!” a highly motivated Jimmy Adriaenssens.

This time also, a well-prepared team-timing has to lead to success. Jimmy will alternately race the first stint in his car, pit immediately when the pit window is opened, leave car n° 323 to his colleague David Nye, attend Supercopa n° 324 to fullfill the race in Wim De Graef’s car en vice versa.

Friday midday 12.15h, the kick-off of the first free practice of the Supercar Challenge is given. The Spork Racing Team confirmed to be well-prepared for their appointment on Belgian soil!

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Spa Euro Race Preview (Jimmy Adriaenssens opnieuw tweemaal aan het werk in Spa).pdf

Jimmy Adriaenssens and David Nye again collect cups at the Nürburgring – ENG/NL

During the last weekend of May, the Supersport-divisions of the Supercar Challenge drove their third and fourth round of the season. The Spork Racing Team, present with two Seat Leon Supercopa’s at the Nürburgring, can proudly review the past weekend. Supercopa n° 323, driven by Jimmy Adriaenssens and David Nye achieved two podiums, Supercopa n° 325, driven by Jonas De Kimpe and again Jimmy Adriaenssens followed closely but unfortunately just missed the podium.

“Because the Spork Racing Team couldn’t select a driver to replace Vincent Van Paemel, I was asked to replace him in the second Supercopa. It was a fact that I would be driving car n° 323 with David Nye so this supplementary offer for the second Supercopa came to me as a surprise. An opportunity I grabbed with both hands and which turned out to be a great decision.” Jimmy Adriaenssens.

The planning was shaped that way that Jimmy would start the first race in his proper car, n° 323, the actual car in which he’s fighting for the championship. As soon as the pit window for the driver-change was opened, Jimmy would immediately pit so David could full fill the rest of the race and that Jimmy could await the Petronas-Supercopa of Jonas De Kimpe. “Although, that was the idea, reality was different. I got away easily during the start and saw Jonas lining up behind me. He kept approximately the same pace as me and it seemed a matter of racing behind each other towards the pitstop, to then full fill the rest of the race. However on a certain moment I saw Jonas getting into a spin in the first corner, later on it seemed he got pushed off and lost the control of the car. Nothing bad happened to him but one lap and a few corners later I saw him standing in the gravel. Apparently one push wasn’t enough and he got pushed of again but now with more severe consequences. He had to abandon the race due to a toe angle problem on his rear right wheel.” noted a disappointed Jimmy Adriaenssens after the race. David Nye however, who received a car in perfect condition showed his commitment and let the car being controlled by his wide range of experience. He brought the Super’SPORK’copa in on a well-earned second place in the Seat Supercopa-division and treated the team with what they deserved!

The second race, booked in on Sunday would be ran opposite to the first. Jimmy, who started race 1 in his own car, would now fight side-to-side with his own car in the Petronas-Supercopa. Because the Petronas didn’t finish the first race he had to start from behind on P37. “I was really looking forward to the second race! Starting last, climbing up to the best possible position in the pack is something each competitive driver loves, I’d say. You really get that ‘Herbie’-feeling in which you fly off and pass dozens of cars until you reach your own opponents, who prefer to see you in their rearview-mirrors. From then on the actual battle can begin and breathtaking moments line up one after the other! Pure adrenaline rushes through your body and it feels like nothing could possibly go wrong. However it could and it did. A sudden moment I received a heavy sideway push from a BMW I was outbraking. Later on it seemed, the BMW itself got a push from another BMW, which caused him to hit me. Throughout the whole F1-chicane I doubted whether my front suspension was damaged or not. Soon I got in the straight I felt the car was ok and I was relieved. The car still ran perfectly normal and I could continue my triumph. Slowly but sure I enlarged my share in the Petronas-Supercopa and in fifteenth position I handed the car over to Jonas” AJ.

AJ’s stint in his own Supercopa was tasted profoundly by the crowd. The young revelation received Supercopa n° 323 in perfect condition on a third place and got off! David Nye proved to have fought hard in the first part of the race and even could stay in front of the physically faster Supercopa of Marc Rooker. After the driver-change, Jimmy got out with a small gap of four seconds on Rooker and he knew that the Rooker could kick him of the podium. The motivation grew every inch the Dutch-man came closer. After only two laps it was clear that the driver, who had just switched cars, was sharpening his rhythm. During Jimmy’s third pitwall-pass he clocked an even faster laptime as in qualifying the day before. The following laps would be no different and Jimmy grew the gap by half a second each lap. After about five laps the gap had grown from to five seconds and AJ got stuck behind the BMW M3 E90 GT4 of Van Rijswick-l’Ortye. “I was only able to make a difference on the GT4 in the corners. In the straights and braking zones the BMW was faster and the gap between me and the other Supercopa decreased again. After several outbraking-attempts I only got next to the BMW but not in front until suddenly the GT4 couldn’t take the pressure anymore and miss braked himself. He got off the track and I regained my free space so I could run off.” With only a slight gap of two seconds the Belgian team earned the third place for sure. The Spork Racing Team went wild because also they had felt the adrenaline pumping through their veins the whole second part of the race. With a slightly less developed car they are still heavily in for the win and that feels great! The Petronas-Supercopa of De Kimpe-Adriaenssens got fifth in Supercopa and thirteenth in general.

The Spork Racing Team and its drivers are looking forward to their next meeting on Belgian soil. The fifth and sixth round of the Supersport-divisions will be held in Spa-Francorchamps, thé racetrack of Belgium and for many even thé racetrack of the world. In Belgium , Spork is proud to announce they will be competing again with their tree Supercopa’s!

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – GT Open Review Nurburgring (Opnieuw 2 podia voor Adriaenssens Nye).pdf

Jimmy Adriaenssens competing in 2 different cars at the Nürburgring – ENG

After several weeks of preparations, the Spork Racing Team will head to the German Nürburgring next weekend (26th, 27th of May). A few weeks ago, the kick-off of the Supercar Challenge was held in Zolder during the FIA GT1 World Championship and the team was thrilled to announce the good results afterwards. In germany, the team will reunite again to shine with both of their Supercopa’s.

The ambitions are high and the Spork Racing Team will treat the crowd with a scoop. Jimmy Adriaenssens, who performed in Zolder on Supercopa n° 323 will now share his car with his English colleague David Nye and he’ll also compete in the other Supercopa n° 325 of Jonas De Kimpe. It will be a busy weekend for the young Belgian, certainly because he’ll compete in two cars in the same races. Car n° 325 is the Petronas-Supercopa of Jonas De Kimpe. Jonas’ colleague Vincent Van Paemel is obliged elsewhere and can’t perform in Germany . Because the team couldn’t select a fast and available driver Jimmy will take Vincent’s place. After Jimmy’s stint in his Supercopa n° 323 he’ll switch to the n° 325. This scoop was discussed with the championship-organisation and was allowed if Jimmy Adriaenssens in advance advises in which car he’ll compete for the championship.

“I’m very much looking forward to our German trip. The Nürburgring GP-strecke has been on my to-do list for quite a while and although I already enjoyed the Nordschleife itself, the GP-track will still be a bit of adjusting for me. Add the characteristic weather of the Eifel Mountains and you’ll never know what’s coming for you. It will physically be a heavy weekend but I can’t complain about my personal condition. I’m in great shape and can assure you, I’ll do everything in my possibility to give the Super’SPORK’copa’s the ranking in the championship they deserve! The cars have been prepared to the slightest detail for the third and fourth round of the Supercar Challenge and as well the team as the drivers are highly motivated!” Jimmmy Adriaenssens.

Free practice and qualifying session are noted on Friday, both sprint-races will be held on Saturday and Sunday!