Trophy of the Dunes: Visit to the Atlantic results in a pile of point for Adriaenssens-Nye – ENG/NL

For the second time, the Supersport-divison of the Supercar Challenge headed north to run round thirteen and fourtheen on Dutch soil. For both the duo’s Adriaenssens J. / Nye D. (SPC 323) and De Kimpe J. / Van Paemel V. (SPC 325) Circuit Park Zandvoort was considered new. With only a virtual idea of the racetrack, the Antwerpian Spork Racing Team arrived highly motivated.

“During the free practice we all had to get used to the narrow track. At several crucial points on the track you only had one meter of grass, followed by a tire wall or guard rails. It was obvious that focus and respecting the car’s limits would be the key factor this weekend! Nevertheless we knew that the weekend would bring use beautiful challenges and what more does a driver want?” Jimmy ‘AJ’ Adriaenssens.

Shod on new rubber, the Antwerpian Supercopa’s took off. The beginning of the qualifying session immediately confirmed Jimmy and David’s vision about Circuit Park Zandvoort because in the first lap already a BMW 1.30i made a mistake and putted itself into the barrier right in front the Belgian-English duo. The qualifying session got neutralized and a ten minute delay kept the cars in the pitlane. Still a bit impressed by the accident right in front of him, Jimmy re-entered the track and started exploring the boundaries. Eventually a second place in Supercopa, eight in general got realized and the countdown to the first race started.

In the qualifying session, Jimmy also assisted another driver, he would share a KTM X-Bow with Rudi Lemmens in as well the qualifying session as the first race. “My ride in the beautiful KTM X-Bow came rather unexpected. Rudi, who became X-Bow Battle Champion 2011 had recently decided to give the Supercar Challenge a try. Fitted with an engine update and slicks for the first time, the KTM was transformed from an amazing road vehicle to a competitive race car with good odds in the Supercar Challenge. After our spontaneous meeting on Friday, we joined hands together for Saturday and I would start the first race in my red-white Supercopa, to then change vehicles and finish the race in the KTM X-Bow. During qualifying I’ve had two laps to explore the car and everything felt good.”

The weather just before the First race spoke volumes. Though all the cars were fitted with slicks, it started raining heavily just before the race. The doubt increased and everybody wondered: would the track dry before the race or not. Salvation came when it started raining even harder. Until just before the start of the race, a lot of spray came of the cars in the other session and rain tires were fitted. Unfortunately this spray was very local and about 70% of the track was dry. Team manager Herman Adriaenssens had to make the decision and just before the warm-up lap he called both his cars in to fit slicks. “Afterwards this clearly was the right choice. Jimmy, who started from the pits, followed by five other cars who shared our decision, was able to regain nineteen places in half an hour. Starting twenty-fifth, he entered the pitlane after his stint as sixth to give the car to David. David himself didn’t have any trouble whatsoever to stay in front of the other cars but unfortunately the gap between him and the leading group got to big. Eventually Jimmy and David finished sixth in general and second Supercopa!” a satisfied Herman Adriaenssens.

“Both my stints in the Supercopa and the X-Bow went smoothly. It though was a minor adaptation to change from a front wheel driven car to a rear wheel driven car so sudden, but as each driver knows it only takes you a few meters to get into your rhythm. After the first corner already you can feel the limits and reactions of the car and you try to give the best of yourself!” J. Adriaenssens.

David Nye “Meanwhile it has become a habitude that I start the second race. An aspect which wasn’t any problem for me, knowing I could start from the third row. Starting sixth I had a clear view on the leading group and I could plan my attacks thoroughly. During the start I climbed up to the fourth place, but because I couldn’t find a gap to get to the inside of the first corner I had to give my top five spot away. Due to the narrowness of Zandvoort it was hard finding a place to overtake. Nevertheless I brought the car in safely and in sixth position Jimmy drove off to end the weekend.”

It was clear that the Spanish powersource of Adriaenssens – Nye was keen proving itself on Dutch soil. “I really wanted to make something special out of the last and deciding stint so I tried to improve our general position. After about tree laps I got the KTM X-Bow of Retera-Kox in sight. Knowing I approached Kox and with the other X-Bow of R. Lemmens behind me I knew I could lose or win big time. Hanging in sixth, my driving could provide me a fifth or in the worst case a seventh place. Motivation enough, and the gap between me and Kox became smaller while Lemmens kept following me from the same distance. Once attached to the first X-Bow it was a matter of making a clean attack and driving off. Luckily I succeeded and kept both X-Bows behind me. Now we were only 2 positions from the general podium. A few laps later, Lady Fortune showed up and the car in front me in fourth position was forced to go to the pitlane due to a mechanical malfunction. Before I knew it, I was fourth and I only had to defend because the top tree drove about forty seconds in front of me. An age in terms of racing!. Eventually we finished fourth in general and again second Supercopa, a result which rewarded the proud members of the Spork Racing Team for their ever lasting hard work and of course our partners which make it all possible! Enormous thanks to everybody!!” a very satisfied Jimmy Adriaenssens.

On the 12th – 14th of October, the second to last race meeting is held at Spa-Francorchamps. The Spork Racing Team is very much looking forward to defend their interests on proper soil and will again show up with their both Supercopa’s, n° 323 and n° 325.

See enclosed PDF-file for the Dutch race review.

Persbericht – Trophy of the Dunes Review (Uitje aan zee resulteert in een berg punten voor Adriaenssens-Nye)